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Esquire Tavern San Antonio TX

Places We Ate

An annual breakdown of the best of the best


Eating Across America; Expanding Horizons and Waistlines on the Great American Roadtrip


A Traveler’s Home Bar on a Budget

Tips and tricks for the globetrotting imbiber





Micheledas- Coming 2018


National Parks

How to make the most of our planet’s greatest treasures

Assault on our National Parks; Preserving a Fragile Resource

Grand Canyon: East Rim

Grand Canyon: South Rim

Grand Canyon: North Rim (coming soon!)

Carlsbad Caverns

Cuyahoga Valley

Mammoth Cave

San Antonio Missions

Hot Springs

White Sands National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument

Capitol Reef

Lee’s Ferry at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

…And many more to come!


Traveler’s Tips

Lifehacks for expatriates and travelers alike

Shopping in Cuenca

Packing 101

How to Order the Right Drink Every Time

6 Tips on How to Travel with Your Partner

6 (Better) Tips on How to Travel with Your Partner

Learning to Live in Cuenca

Destination: Hometown; Making the Most of Staying with Family

US Cities

The must-do and the must-don’t of US cities

Cleveland- 2018

Pittsburgh- 2018

New York City- 2018

Let Us Know What Guides You Would Like To See!



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