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Two by Tour is available for hire! Both J and Y accept freelance projects, individually, or together as Two by Tour.

More humorous travelogue than “must see” listicle, each post by Two By Tour aims to entertain readers with literary-focused accounts of their journeys. The narratives fixate on themes of travel, culture, and nature, though their previous careers in hospitality bubble up throughout (most notably in the A Traveler’s Home Bar On A Budget series).

Samples of their collaborative work for Written From can be found here.

Both are adept at:

-writing engaging content on topics under the broad umbrella of Travel, with the notable exception of Luxury Travel

-utilizing WordPress and other standard industry software and platforms

-creating, managing, and growing social media platforms

J specializes in Hospitality, Outdoor Activities, Popular Culture and other topics such as Cryptocurrency.

J worked for over half his life in the hospitality industry, hitting almost every position possible in a restaurant setting before running a nationally-recognized bar program. He is a regular contributor to A Bar Above, which focuses on bartending, as well as the entrepreneurship platform Pregame Magazine. He also writes weekly articles for The Game of Nerds. His other interests include permaculture and farming, writing fiction and poetry, and his cat, Moose.

J is also available for consultation involving cocktail programs and/or menu development.

J’s writing on Medium: @jasonendress
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His twitter handle is @86composure

Y focuses on Business Culture, Hospitality, Wellness, and Feminist Perspectives.

Yvette is a twenty-year veteran of the hospitality industry, specializing in team-building, points of service, and wine. She is a regular contributor to industry sites Tipped Off and A Bar Above. She is also the founder of Never Weeded, a platform providing advice and inspiration to service industry professionals.

Her work has been published on Thrive Global, Medium, and she pens the Living Limitless column for Pregame Magazine.

Y’s writing on Medium: @yvette.benhamou
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