The Who:

YYvette Benhamou is a total babe of an HBIC who scares the bejesus out of misogynists.

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J: J. Endress is a retired bartender who worked over half his life in the service industry, hitting every position from running a dish-pit and mucking out walk-in coolers to managing a nationally recognized cocktail program. J. went to school for History and Writing and is a disappointment to his parents.

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Together, Y and J are Two by Tour, manifested in a travel and lifestyle blog, covering everything from hiking to automotive headaches to home bartending.


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The What:

Two by Tour is a living experiment in a life of experiences rather than a life of materialism. Two by Tour is both travel blog and lifestyle blog with a heavy dash of literary sensibility thrown in. Travel writing, confessional writing and general creative nonfiction all play a role in the overarching narrative. Along the way, Two by Tour offers travel guides for some of the most pernicious of problems afflicting the modern traveler.

The When:

Two by Tour’s journey began as a result of the chemistry of both the termination of leases and the termination of employment. The Universe dropped a very heavy-handed hint that it was time to travel the world, and Y and J graciously took the Universe up on the offer.

The Where:

Our story began in Pittsburgh, then stretched for over 6000 miles across the United States. We hopped a plane and landed in Cuenca, Ecuador, where Two by Tour is currently based.

The Why:

Life in the Rust Belt had both Y and J more than a little stir-crazy, and the Universe gave them a ticket to explore their unrealized dreams of adventure, travel, writing and personal growth.

The How:

It’s a story we promise to tell. Through the literary narrative of our travel blog as well as focused lifestyle guides, we aim to provide tips and ideas (at least the hard lessons make for entertaining stories) that forge a path for others, enabling them to take the Universe up on its offer when opportunity comes knocking at the door.

If you have any more questions, gentle reader, we’re excited to answer them. Just drop us a line.

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