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Y and J at White Rock Overlook, NM

YYvette Benhamou is a total babe of an HBIC who scares the bejesus out of misogynists.

Y’s writing on Medium: @yvette.benhamou
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: J. Endress is a retired bartender who worked over half his life in the service industry, hitting every position from running a dish-pit and mucking out walk-in coolers to managing a nationally recognized cocktail program. J. went to school for History and Writing and is a disappointment to his parents.

J’s writing on Medium: @jasonendress
LinkedinJ. Endress
twitter: 86composure

Together, Y and J are Two by Tour, manifested in a travel and lifestyle blog. They write about their misadventures on their tangled journey, covering everything from hiking to automotive headaches to home bartending.

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