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Cuenca, Ecuador has a lot to offer the eager sightseer. The city’s reputation for beauty is well deserved, but something that seems missing from tourism literature is the city’s thriving street art scene. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its religious structures, but around the corner from that church, there’s undoubtedly something just as compelling.

As cities grow organically, they shed layers in old buildings or aged facades. While historical sites are reliable postcard-perfect photo opportunities, street art is often lost to the ether as cities develop.

Cuenca is constantly buzzing as a city ascendant in a developing nation. The art we first fell in love with on its city walls will undoubtedly remain in spirit, though it will look completely different as the cityscape evolves.

Interested in reading more about our time exploring Cuenca’s street art scene? Check out our post Pedestrian Perspectives.

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